Trichoglottis rosea – 365 days of orchids – day 1907

The warm Easter weekend is bringing out the fragrance in our orchids and the sweet fragrance of Tricholglottis rosea is filling our Warm Asia Section.

Trichoglottis rosea is the largest of our Trichoglottis species with alternate leaves along a thick stem, it has long lasting fragrant flowers, unusual in that they are produced in profusion and much smaller than other trichoglottis.

Trichoglottis rosea is native to the Phillipines and Taiwan where it grows in lowland forest. This habitat is much cooler than the Borneo home of Trichoglottis smithii and so we grow Trichoglottis rosea in our Cool Americas section (min 12C).

The plant seems to prefer to grow pendulously and so we grow it both mounted and in baskets.


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