The Orchid Greenhouses in October

October is a lovely time in the School Greenhouse. Warm days and cool nights mean the greenhouse really comes into its own and every lunchtime we have a a good crowd of students working hard, weeding, watering, repotting, pollinating flowers and taking photographs.

Star plants this month include our Stenoglottis (above). We have both Stenoglottis longifolia and Stenoglottis fimbriataand their long spikes of delicate flowers last from September through to Christmas.

Amongst our miniature species we have Barbosella dusenii – with leaves just a few millimetres across and the slightly larger growing Barbosella australis (below)

We also have some lovely large flowering plants at their peak including Coelogyne barbata (the bearded coelogyne)

…. and autumn flowering Cymbidium species such as Cymbidium elegans.

Some of our blue flowered species are looking lovely in the autumn sunshine:

Vanda coerulea and Dendrobium victoria-regina

Next week should see the opening of flowers on two clones of Cattleya perrinii – a good opportunity to pollinate flowers for seed.

We are starting to think about resting those orchid species that appreciate a cooler dryer winter – but more on that in November’s post.



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  1. Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

    Hi Simon, amazing flowers, at present have Coelogyne Holochila in spike with also now a hybrid cattleya, no sign from the adult cymbidiums as yet, other coeloygnes have large bulbs may get some spikes, Bletilla Formosana in flower in the garden, fingers crossed for other orchids to do the same.

  2. Howard Rice says:

    Glad to have your words of inspiration and wisdom to read again.


    Hi everyone and Simon are you not selling plants anymore

  4. Agnes Jones says:

    We are still selling plants and will be listing on our shop very soon.

  5. Agnes Jones says:

    I know that we will be putting Epidendrum nocturnum, Cymbidium insigne & Angraecum magdalenae up on the shop soon. We also have some Bifrenaria Harrisoniae seedlings almost ready.


      Hi Agnes can I please ask a favour could you give me a couple of days notice before the plants go to the shop, as I would like 2 Cymbidium insigne & 3 Angraecum magdalenae, please many thanks Chris

  6. Agnes Jones says:

    Hi Christopher,
    Simon said he putting orchids on the shop this evening.

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes and Simon
      Thank you have now purchased the plants

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes and Simon

      Have purchased also 2 Maxillaries Sophronitis red flowers your clone, but ETSY is showing I have 1 in the basket, but I opened the file, and it says nothing in your basket

  7. Agnes Jones says:

    Hi Christopher,
    Another six being put up on the shop this afternoon.

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes

      I will take a look later, any species that may interest me e.g., cymbidiums, coelogynes, dendrobiums, cattleyas, gomesa

  8. Agnes Jones says:

    Hi Christopher,
    Only more Maxillaries Sophronitis as you requested.

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes, can you please advise small plant of Barbata and other Cymbidium species. Thanks Chris

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes
      Another point do you know when the plants purchased will be sent please, Simon used to send on a Monday as the plant are sent to works address Viscount Classical Organs Ltd details on your system. Thanks Chris

  9. Agnes Jones says:

    Hi Christopher,
    We will hold yours back so that you get them on a week day.
    Thanks Agnes

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Many thank Agnes
      Look forward to seeing them early next week.

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes, let me know when you have any more Angraecum magdalenae, also if you get Gomesa Crispa I would be interested and cool house cymbidiums including School girl, your Cattleya Purpurata colour forms etc.

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes

      Has my plants been shipped yet, thanks Chris