The Orchid Greenhouses in November

November is time for Post 16 Open Evenings and tonight the orchid team are part of the Somerset Studio School open evening for young people wanting to join us in the sixth form. Tonights display was designed by Erin, Jonah, Matt and Jude. Erin described it as “A diverse sparkling explosion of colours and scents” – he is not wrong.

Highlights include two Dracula species

Dracula bella and Dracula amaliae with their fascinating fungus mimic polination stratedgies.

We have two Cymbidium species and the flowers will be used for visitors to learn about orchid pollination.

Two Himalayan Autumn flowering Cymbidiums, Cymbidium tracyanum and Cymbidium erythraeum.

Other plants include Coelogyne barbata and an enormous Xylobium subintegrum.

This November has been very mild and wet and so we are only needing to water the greenhouse every few days. There is lots of autumn growth on many of our cool orchids from the Americas (Masdevallias, Pleurothallis, restrepias etc) and we find the autumn to be a good time to propagate species that enjoy this time of year rather than the stress of summer warmth and bright light.


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    Wow awesome photos can you let me know when you have a small plant of Barbata and other Cymbidium species. Thanks Chris

  2. Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

    Hi Agnes

    Has my plants been shipped yet, thanks Chris

  3. Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

    Hi Agnes and Simon
    Have you come across Paphiopedilum Moorhouse and do you know its colour please, and temperature it can grow in, I was told it takes a cool temperature so not sure if it has Insignia in it’s makeup?, also any sign of Dendrobium Victoria Reginae for sale yet please, thanks Chris

  4. Agnes Jones says:

    Hi Chris, your plants are in the post. I have been informed by the post office your plants should arrive on Monday. It is taking longer because of the strikes.

    I will ask Simon about your other questions.

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes

      So long they do not get a chill, Simon normally sends my plants on a Monday.
      Wait to hear from Simon.

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes and Simon

      I think I will stop ordering plants for the time being, my other suppliers used other carriers.
      I hope that the Royal Mail warehouses are warm, as these are tropical orchids, and the last thing they want is a chill.

      Will see what the plants are like when I receive them, they should of been sent on Monday.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Hi Christopher royal mail keeps cost down and is the only carrier that works for full time teaching staff 🙂

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi ETSY message has mentioned that the orchids would be with me between 23rd to 25th?

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Have the plants arrived?

    • Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

      Hi Agnes and Simon
      The plants have finally arrived, the plants are cold, so fingers crossed no casualties, place in my office in a warm spot and then when I get home will have to go into a propagator, Chris