Sobralia macrantha – 365 days of orchids – day 1918

In complete contrast to yesterday’s miniature Stelis species, we have had an explosion of gigantic flowers on our Sobralias.

This enormous flowered orchid has always been a real favourite for students responsible for our Warm Americas section

Sobralia macrantha is found from Mexico to Costa Rica where it grows as a terrestrial in leaf litter, and its massive flowers are matched by the plant with thin canes that grow to a height of around 1.5m with alternate dark green tough leaves. The terminal flowers open successively over a period of several weeks. The flowers are fragrant but only last two to three days.

The lip of flowers have a charming creased look from being all folded up in the bud but when fully open the flowers a about 20cm across and 25cm from top to bottom.

We grow our plants in pots of bark and moss to replicate the natural habitat in Central America and keep plants watered all year in our Warm Americas section where plants get a minimum if 15C and bright light.


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