Schomburgkia lueddemannii – 365 days of orchids – day 1895


Last week we featured the lrge growing and spectacular Schomburgkia splendida and today we have the even larger and more spectacular Scomburgkia lueddemannii. The species grows a pair of thick leaves above stout pseudobulbs which together reach 60cm. The flower spike lengthen during the spring and produce a mass (more than 20) of large glossy flowers around 1m clear of the leaves.

Schomburgkia lueddemanii is found from Venezuela to Costa Rica and is found in hot lowland forest. As a result it enjoys good light and high temperatures and we grow plants in large baskets hanging high in Warm Americas. It enjoys being kept well watered especially in the summer.

A remarkable characteristic of the species is the dark brown crinkled buds that always look dead before opening – a perfect mimicry to avoid juicy buds being eaten.

We love our giant orchid species like this one and are able to bring a few giant orchids to sell at the Glasgow orchid Fair 23/24th April. Check out yesterday’s post if you are interested.


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