Scaphyglottis pulchella – 365 days of orchids – day 1870

Another orchid looking at its best this month is Scaphyglottis pulchella with lots of its rather ghost like flowers from the multiple leads on our plant as it grows bigger.

We grow a large number of our orchids mounted on cork bark. Scaphyglottis pulchella is ideal for mounting as it produces multiple pendulous growths with long thin pseudobulbs along a scrambling rhizome. This habit is clearly ideal if you are an epiphyte growing on a tree but inconvenient in a pot.

This rather unusual orchid is native to Costa Rica and Panama. The single flowers come from the top of mature bulbs and are long lasting. The effect is rather elegant and keeps improving as the plant matures.

The species is found in forests up to 1350m and it seems to enjoy a shaded spot in our Cool Americas section.

Costa Rica and Panama have an extraordinary diversity of orchids and we have spent spectacular times amongst this diversity in the Orchid Project’s visits to Central America.


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