Rhynchostele rossii – 365 days of orchids – day 1832

The last day of January sees the first flowers opening on this gorgeous small growing orchid species.

Rhynchostele rossii is a diminutive member of the Oncidium family and is found in the cloud forests of Mexico and Central America, as far south as Nicaragua, from 2000-3000m altitude. As a result the species enjoys cool conditions and year round water.

The species usually flowers with us during March and April but has decided to flower early this year. The flowers last in good condition for eight weeks

We grow our plants in small baskets as we find that although plants enjoy lots of water they like good drainage too, and being miniature are at risk from being outcompeted by moss when grown in a pot. They also appreciate good light and we keep baskets high in the greenhouse.

The species produces large flowers (up to 8cm across) on tiny plants with a 2cm bulb topped with a single 5cm leaf – amazing!


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