Restrepia trichoglossa – 365 days of orchids – day 1811

Most  of our restrepia species flower throughout the year but many like today’s orchid have a peak of flowering during the winter months where their dramatic little flowers are a very welcome sight.

Restrepia trichoglossa is one of our smallest growing restrepias and one of the most rewarding. The species which comes from Central America produces tough little leaves on short stems that over time make bushy plants no more than 6cm high. Flowers are produced several times each year from the base of the leaf and every now and then a profusion of flowers are produced together.

The flowers themselves are a delight with spots, stripes and long thin petals. Plants propagate well and we have had reports of many people succeeding with this species  in a shaded spot on their windowsill.

We grow restrepias in our Cool Americas section and find they do well in pots, small baskets and mounted on cork bark. Propagation is by splitting larger clumps or by cutting off a leaf and stem and burying it up to just above the base of the leaf. A new plant will develop from the base of the leaf.


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