Quiz answers – the orchids featured in The Green Planet – episode 1

In case anyone missed it our orchids are in minute 4-5 mostly. I have added links to the most recent features in 365 days.

This is Ansellia africana of course (from seed sown in 2001) – we must let the BBC get away with this lovely species although the thread was about forests of the Americas.

Wow – what a tree this would be if it was real – and all orchids of the Americas too. Can you spot Odontoglossum cristatum, Oncidium sphaculatum, Maxillaria tenuifolia, Maxillaria triloris, Cattleya purpurata, Gongora grossa…and still in bud Myrmecophylla tibicinis

Finally the sumptuous flowers of Acinetia hrubyana

Thanks again to Tim Shepherd and the rest of the film team.


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