Prosthechea venezuelana – 365 days of orchids – day 1879

We find Prosthechea species very rewarding orchids – free flowering, long lasting flowers and great perfumes. Most Prosthechea species, including P.venezeulana, are butterfly or moth pollinated which explains the great fragrance.

Prosthechea venxuelana will be in flower all summer. The species is native to Venezuela (as the name would suggest) as well as Colombia and Ecuador. It is reported to grow in wet lowlnd forests and so we are growing it in Warm Americas (Min 16C) at bench level where it will stay damper than plant hung high in the roof.

The flowers are large for the size of the plant and produced in profusion and as usual for the genus are beautifully scented. The plant is a little spreading in its growth habit and so we have the plant in a basket to allow it to develop into a relaxed specimen.



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  1. Ric Reilly says:

    I’m hooked on Prosthechea as a genus, so this is headed for the wish list.