Pleurothallis fulgens – 365 days of orchids – day 1965

Packing plants ready for the Malvern International Orchid Show we were delighted to find this miniature in full flower and looking wonderful for the show.

Pleurothallis fulgens is an unusual miniature orchid with bright orange red, waxy flowers on short repeat flowering stems. Plants are really small with 3cm leaves and they make lovely specimen plants over time.
Pleurothallis fulgens is native to Costa Rica and Panama where it grows as a twig epiphyte from 950-2400m and so enjoys cool damp conditions and we grow it with a minimum if 12C in our Cool Americas section.

Please can anyone for whom we promised to try and find specific sale plants, remind me so that I can make sure that they are packed – thanks.


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  1. Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

    Hi Simon will you hold back some cymbidium seedling species we discussed, Coelogyne Fragrans, also any likely Cattleya Purpurata and Crispa, Gomesa Crispa please, if you let me know the cost. Unfortunately I am unable to attend this show, but good luck anyway, Chris

  2. Ravishankar Nagaraj says:

    Hi Simon, do you have a list of plants you’ll be selling at the show? I’m thinking whether to drive down to the show if there are ones I’m interested in.