Phalaenopsis fimbriata – 365 days of orchids – day 1974

Phalaenopsis fimbriata is on of our Sarawak species and reminds us of the wonderful mountain forests we explored there in our 2019 expeditions.

Phalaenopsis fimbriata is reported growing on semi shaded limestone cliffs between 790 and 1300m. We came across this special habitat in Mulu National Park and found Paphiopedilum sanderianum growing near the top of cliffs shaded just by the tops of nearby trees. (below)

Phalaenopsis fimbriata produces pendulous flower stems – ideal for its habitat – and we will move the flowering plant into a basket as it grows larger to make the most of this habit. We grow the species warm (min 20C) although its habitat suggests that it could take it a little cooler.


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  1. Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

    Hi Simon as I have not heard from you, I assume sadly the Cattleya Purpurata has gone, I was hoping to have one of yours, I wait to hear from you. As you can see I have been on your site several times last night and purchased further plants, but no luck seeing the Cattleya Purpurata.