Phalaenopsis bastianii – 365 days of orchids – day 1896

First flowerings of species are always exciting, and today it is the turn of Phalaenopsis bastianii. This attractive species is small growing with glossy flowers reminiscent of Phalaenopsis fasciata (below) but with a different shaped lip.

Phalaenopsis bastianii is native to the Philippine islands of the Sulu Archipelago running between Borneo and the Philippines – the two main centres of Phalaenopsis diversity.

In common with most Phalaenopsis species, Phalaenopsis bastianii is a plant of shaded spots in hot lowland forest so appreciates growing warm and shaded in our Warm Asia section. We will be pollinating flowers after the Glasgow show, so expect seedlings in about three years from now (12 months as a seed pod and two years in flask)



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