Orchids for Sarawak

We have been busy in the propagation laboratory today preparing jars of seedlings for their journey next week to our partners in Sarawak. Today the plants were inspected by Apha for their phytosanitary certificate and export certificate to go alongside the two import certificates arranged by the Sarawak Orchid Society. We are sending jars of seedlings all native to Malaysia back home – they look really excited – to help the students at MRSM school, Kuching develop their knowledge and project further. (MRSM students sowing orchid seed in their lab below)

We are looking forward to planning the next stage of our work with Schools in Sarawak later in the year.

We have also prepared for storm Eunice today – the greenhouse is battened down and our fingers are crossed that it lasts out the storm. My mind has turned to the big storm we suffered in 1991, which was a scary day at Writhlington with swirling debris, falling masonry, damage to cars in the school car park, students staying at school until late in the evening when the buses could get through,  and lots of glass lost from the old greenhouse. Remembering that day made it straight forward to help headteachers close local schools in advance of tomorrow’s threat.



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