Miltonia spectabilis – 365 days of orchids – day 1916

This is the first time we have features this Brazilian orchid on 365 days of orchids.

Miltonia spectabilis is a warm growing species from the Mata Atlantica in Eastern Brazil – a habitat we explored in our school expeditions top Brazil in 2000 and 2006. The species is found at around 800m altitude where the open forest experiences frequent rainfall interspersed with dryer periods especially in the winter.  Temperatures are warm and the habitat is shared by Cattleya species and several other orchids we grow in our collection.

We replicate the natural habitat by growing the species in a basket hung in our warm Americas Section (min 15C) where it receives good light but is shaded in the summer. We water frequently but the basket filled with large bark dries out quickly between waterings. This regime encourages extensive rooting.

The flowers are long lasting and large (10cm top to toe) and plants quickly form large specimens although their nature is a little straggly.


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