Dendrochilum javierense – 365 days of orchids – day 1840


A spectacular highlight every February is this wonderful orchid from the Philippines. Dendrochilum javierense has masses of closely packed brick red flowers on arching spikes that on a specimen like this plant make for a wonderful display.

Dendrochilum javierense is a small growing dendrochilum with narrow stiff leaves, about 25cm long, and more upright flower stems than most of the related species we grow. As with all dendrochilums, the flower spikes emerge from new growths, and in this species the 30cm spikes display the flowers emerging from the tips of the dark green leaves.

The species is native to the Philippines where it grows in mossy forest above 1200m and so  in culture we grow the plants damp all year. We grow the species in our Warm Asia section which it seems to enjoy although it would grow cooler. Our Cool Asia section we find a little too cool for it.

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