Dendrobium amethystoglossa – 365 days of orchids – day 1810

This lovely Dendrobium species produces lots of flower sprays each with between twenty and thirty beautiful purple and white flowers. This lovely orchid is native to the Philippines where it is reported as growing on mossy limestone cliffs at an altitude of 1400m.

It grows strong vertical canes that in a mature plant can reach 1m in height (our longest are 80cm so far), the flowers are produced in pendulous sprays from older pseudobulbs and mature bulbs produce flowers over several years.

The downwards pointing flowers presenting clear of the pseudobulbs and the lack of scent suggest that the flowers are pollinated by birds.

This is a warm growing orchid and we keep it watered throughout the year as it is always in growth. The natural habitat does not experience a significant dry season.

It flowers reliably in early spring, when flowers are so valued in the house, and the flowers last over a month.


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