Cattleya trianae – 365 days of orchids – day 1863

Just as darkness fell yesterday evening I was stopped in my tracks by the four flowers opening on our lovely Cattleya trianae.

Cattleya trianae is endemic to that Colombia – so a great choice for National Flower. In our greenhouses it always flowers in February and March where its very large flowers always create a stir.

We grow all our Cattleya trianaes in baskets filled with a course bark and no moss. The plants produce masses of roots and we keep them just damp in the winter but much wetter when in summer growth. We hang the baskets up in Warm Americas where they get lots of light.

The plant flowering here was divided in 2020 (above) and plants are now well established and flowering reliably for us and our customers (thanks to Stephanie for the photo of her plant below)


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