Bulbophyllum cupreum – 365 days of orchids – day 1817

Bulbophyllum cupreum is the ‘copper coloured bulbophyllum’ although our clone is rather more golden than copper.

Bulbophyllum cupreum is found from Myanmar through Malaysia to the Philippines in warm lowland forest. The species grows large bulbs spaced by a thin rhizome and has lovely arching sprays of its golden flowers from the base of last year’s bulb.

We have explored the the plants habitat in Sarawak where species like this one wind their way around the trunks and branches of large trees. There is little moss on the trees and so plants dry out quickly between rain storms, and we replicate these conditions by growing the plants in course bark and in open baskets. We are looking forward to plants becoming multi-flowered specimens as they mature.


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