Brassavola tuberculata – 365 days of orchids – day 1973

Brassavola tuberculata  is a terete leaved relative of Cattleya and native to Brazil where it grows in warm open forest in good light. It is relatively slow growing and we find it does well mounted or in a basket with perfect drainage. We find it dislikes pots because the roots cannot tolerate prolonged wet periods. Saying this we find that the species enjoys being watered daily and when we have with held watering at flowering time the flowers have not opened fully – so mounted but well watered seems to be its preference in our greenhouse.

In 2018 it won Best Trade Species at the Malvern show, an RHS Cultural award, and won RHS Orchid of the Year 2018.


The species is a classic moth pollinated orchid with flowers that are fragrant at night and the right pale colours to stand out in the dark forest.



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  1. Christopher Hayes-Brown says:

    Hi Simon I assume no more other Cymbidium species or Coelogyne’s available . Ok if you do come across a piece of Coelogyne Fragrans and Barbata, that would make my day, my birthday is on the 27th so that would be a wonderful surprise.
    From now can you give me today’s notice, as this will give me a better chance. The cymbidium seedlings and Coelogyne’s are all doing very well, wait to hear from you shortly, Chris


    Hi Simon sorry have been working with my publishers, if the Purpurata is still about please do as before for Fragrans and I will pay, I shall be on the computer for another twenty minutes then I am to bed early start tomorrow morning will go on your website around 8am


    Have got the Purpurata off to bed now and can pay early tomorrow morning