Angraecum erectum – 365 days of orchids – day 1946

Some orchids are equally attractive in their growth habit as in their flowers. This mass of roots and small white flowers is Agreacum erectum. The species has been in flower for months and now it is mature flowers on and off throughout the year. The 1cm flowers are evolved for moth pollination in common with most species in the genus and are fragrant especially at night.

This unusual little species is found in riverine forests in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia from 1300-2350m altitude and so is a coolish growing species adapted for a relatively dry but humid environment.

We grow the species in Cool Americas (Min 12C) hanging  on a long wire hook attached to the twig it once lived on! The plant lives up to its name and grows vertically with masses of roots and pretty little flowers along the climbing stem. It seems quite happy growing up its wire and it will be interesting to see how far it will grow.

Initially the plant did grow straight up as its name suggest, but now it has many growths and grows in all directions.


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