Adenoncos major – 365 days of orchids – day 1806


Our second Adenoncos species is named for its large flowers – of course this means large for an Adenoncos and at just under 1cm across they are certainly a little larger than yesterday’s Adenoncos parviflora. Fewer flowers are produced on Adenoncos major than on its smaller flowered cousin but they are produced sporadically throughout the year and so plants are rarely out of flower..

Adenoncos major is a species found in Sarawak in the warm lowland forests up to 600m that we have explored on our expeditions. Plants have longer finer leaves than Adenoncos parviflora and the whole plant is currently about 4cm tall.

The species is found in warm forests from 300-600m altitude in Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo and in our experience enjoys a shaded habitat. We grow plants mounted where the tiny plants make extensive root systems.

The species flowers irregularly throughout the year and is a real point of interest when in flower.


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