Restrepia jesupiana – 365 days of orchids – day 1812

After posting Restrepia trichoglossa yesterday I was inspired to go hunting for other Restrepia species and came across this species which has yet to feature on 365 days of orchids – a good advert for decent lights in your greenhouse. Restrepia jesupiana is endemic to Venezuela where it grows in cool damp forests between 2300 […]


Quiz answers – the orchids featured in The Green Planet – episode 1

In case anyone missed it our orchids are in minute 4-5 mostly. I have added links to the most recent features in 365 days. This is Ansellia africana of course (from seed sown in 2001) – we must let the BBC get away with this lovely species although the thread was about forests of the […]


Restrepia trichoglossa – 365 days of orchids – day 1811

Most  of our restrepia species flower throughout the year but many like today’s orchid have a peak of flowering during the winter months where their dramatic little flowers are a very welcome sight. Restrepia trichoglossa is one of our smallest growing restrepias and one of the most rewarding. The species which comes from Central America […]