Students working with our friends at the Bristol University Botanic Gardens

This afternoon saw seventeen Orchid Project students, from Writhlington School and Mendip Studio School, visiting the Bristol University Botanic Gardens and working with Penny Harms, Glasshouse Supervisor, to design, supply and install a major new orchid and Monterrey Oak feature at the Gardens.

Three ‘Orchid Trees’ built of cork bark on a steel frame were first planted by orchid Project students about ten years ago, and this winter they are going to be reimagined by three teams of students (photos above). Each team will design their exhibits around orchids with specific pollinators, and selecting species from the Schools’ Collection to plant on the Orchid Trees in January.

The project is an exciting challenge and a welcome chance for students to work with the wonderful Botanic Garden Team.

Thanks to Penny and the students for all their hard work today, as well as Agnes and Ed for helping to make the visit such a success.


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