Stelis tridentata – 365 days of orchids – day 1484

We have several miniature Stelis species in flower this month and Stelis tridentata is a delicate and free flowering example.

Stelis tridentata has 3cm oval leaves on short stems and each produces a 6cm flower spike of about 40 3mm flowers. The flowers are a diaphanous creamy gold. The species has a wide native range from Costa Rica in the north to Ecuador in the south and is found in cloud forest from 2000 to 2400m.

As a result Stelis tridentata is a cool growing species that enjoys this time of year when it flowers and grows profusely, but it can be challenging in the summer as it struggles with heat stress. We grow the species in deep shade and keep plants well watered throughout the year – the effort is well worth it.


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