Stelis itatiayae – 365 days of orchids – day 1656


Another of our miniature species today and this Brazilian species shows hoe tiny flowered species can have a big impact. The plant shown is in a 10cm basket and leaves up to 5cm. the flower spikes are 10cm long.

Stelis itatiayae is native to the forests that follow the East Coast of Brazil – the Mata Atlantica.

It was during our first expedition to Brazil in 2000 that we made first contact with stelis species and this is one of the species found in the Mata Atlantica around our base in Macae de Cima. The habitat here is cool, wet, forest and Stelis itatiayae is found growing from 900-1400m in the low trunk area on trees, and so the species enjoys good humidity, and we find it loves a shady spot in Cool Americas (min 12C) and lots of water.

I do feel that we are very lucky to have explored so many orchid habitats on school expeditions. It is no surprise that standing at the foot of a tree full of a favourite orchid species flowering is a great help in understanding how to grow orchids well.


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