Shading your greenhouse

Today I have shaded my cool greenhouse. I like my orchids to get a boost from spring sunshine but April is the month that I cover the roof and south end of my own greenhouse in 50% shade net.

You will see that the sides of the greenhouse are permanently shaded by withy fence panels and that I have wooded bars above my lean too greenhouse allowing me to put shading well clear of the roof and vents. External shading is perfect for reducing summer temperatures in the greenhouse but I am aware that not every one has a tall ancient wall to build their greenhouse against. (This wall is from the former garden wall of a big house and our small garden was where the old glasshouses for vines were built)

Fixing the shading requires climbing onto the wall and using drawing pins to fix the shading onto the wooden bars – there is a lovely view from up there – and the shading has already lasted for twelve years.

Inside the greenhouse is still bright but the edge has been taken off the direct sunlight – all set for a good growing summer.


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  1. Alan Wild says:

    Hello Simon,
    First of all a big thank you for the zoom meet to DOS. I enjoyed seeing everything in bloom at the project.
    Can I ask what direction your greenhouse faces?
    My conservatory is East facing so gets sun from dawn to around midday, then is in the shadow of the house. I have often thought of putting shading up, but also feel the sunlight is precious as I get just 6/7 hours a day. The orchids don’t seem to get leaf burn. Some may be a bit pale in leaf colour.
    Thanks again.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Mine faces south west so no sun until about 10am then lots of sun – I think you are correct for East facing – and you will be able to use the shady side by the wall and the brighter side further out.
      How hot does it get in summer?

    • Alan Wild says:

      It does get up to 30C in the summer, but once the sun goes around the corner drops back to 25/26.
      Windows get opened to help move air and cool things down, if I am around. Obviously, humidity plummets until after midday
      Does the weld mesh in your g/h give a bit of shade?
      I have an Arpophyllum sitting in the brightest corner, still won’t bloom.

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      That sounds great – humidity is very overrated as long as plants are sufficiently watered.