Restrepia condorensis – 365 days of orchids – day 1643

We have another floriferous miniature orchid for you today.

Restrepia condorensis is a small growing species with long thin flowers in a startling pinky-red and a real show stopper. The species is endemic to Ecuador and grows in cool wet forests with the conditions we replicate in our Cool Americas section. We find that the species does well in pots and small baskets where it will turn into a ball or leaves covered in flowers.

We also hear that lots of our customers succeed with these plants in shaded spots in doors, in terrariums and even in reptile tanks!

Restrepias are also popular because they are easy to propagate by division or from leaf cuttings (put a leaf and its stem into a pot of moss and you will usually be rewarded with a new little plant), because of their floriferous nature and the fantastic spotting and striping on the flowers.


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