Pleurothallis pellucida – 365 days of orchids – day 1474

Pleurothallis pellucida is native to Ecuador where it grows it scrub forest at around 3000m where it will experience cool misty conditions. We find that the species is a rewarding and straight forward species is kept well watered and shaded in the summer. The species in notable for its elegant stems and leaves to about 40cm that each winter develop long slender spikes of up to 50 closely packed 3mm flowers. The species is named for its ‘transparent’ flowers but they do have a delicate yellow to them and they contrast well against the dark green leaves.

Regulars will note that we have a number of taller pleutothallis species similar to this Pleurothallis that we find rewarding, free flowering and an great addition to our collection. It has been interesting talking to orchid growers, at shows, from warmer climates than the UK (growers from Italy, Spain, Borneo) who are rather envious of the ease with which we can grow these cool mountain orchids in the UK – Remember that when you go for a walk in the freezing weather today!



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