Platystele misera – 365 days of orchids – day 1675

Another mini miniature species today. Misera means insignificant which seems very harsh on this pretty miniature species found in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. (Perhaps the English botanist John Lindley was having a bad day when he named it!) Anyway, we love its little 1mm diaphanous flowers with a deep red lip, the floriferous nature – whether a little plant in a 5.5cm pot (above) or a specimen on bark (below)-  and the long flowering season. In fact last years spikes are still flowering as this years spikes start to produce flowers.

Platystele misera is a close relative of Platystele consorbrina (below) which differs in having larger more yellow flowers, much longer flower spikes, and larger leaves.

As with most of our miniatures from the cloud forests of South America, Platystyele misera thrives when well watered in our Cool Americas Section. If you have not read about our different climate zones and culture do have a look at our orchid culture page


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    Small and beautiful!