Phalaenopsis equestris – 365 days of orchids – day 1581

We have featured Phalaenopsis equestris before on 365 days before but not this un usual peloric form. Peloric flowers have lateral petals that are similar to the lip (see normal flower below)

I am always unsure about genetic mutants like our peloric form here, but the plant is otherwise healthy and viable and the flower actually represents an extreme example of the genetic variation within species. What do you think?

Phalaenopsis equestris is native to the Philippines and Southern Taiwan – which is very appropriate over World Orchid Congress Weekend in Taiwan – where it is reported growing as an epiphyte in lowland forest near streams. It is a compact plant, 15cm across, that produces lots of flower

The small flowers are produced on arching spikes that continue to grow for several months with successive flowers each lasting about a month, and so we can expect these rather unusual flowers well into the summer. We will be crossing this peloric form with our normal clone of the species, and it will be interesting to see how the seedlings turn out.


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