Phalaenopsis deliciosa – 365 days of orchids – day 1685

Regulars will know that we grow a lot of miniature orchids and today we have one of our smallest Phalaenopsis species with 8cm leaves and long flowering, pendulous, spikes of delicate 1cm flowers.

This tiny flowered Phalaenopsis is one that we have seen growing in Sikkim in hot valleys in seasonally dry forests where it lives in shade and develops an extensive root system. In the wild the plant is semi deciduous but it keeps its leaves with us in cultivation.

The species is found from Sikkim right across the Eastern Himalayas to South East Asia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

We find that plants enjoy growing mounted which also shows of the very pretty little flowers on short spikes that last a long time. We grow plants in shade in Warm Asia (min 18C). We find that plants have multiple flower spikes once mature and so give a lovely display despite the miniature flower size.


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  1. Terry Garufi says:

    Can you help….I have a ligature orchid…should I spray it every week with fertilizer

    • Simon Pugh-Jones says:

      Hi Terry – I guess you have a phalaenopsis. We feed our plants with weak feed during the spring and summer. You could dilute a house plant food to half strength and use it in your sprayer. Every third sprayer should be feed free to avoid a build up of salts.