Is Coelogyne cristata the best house plant for a cool windowsill?

Waking up this morning I was treated to this wonderful sight in my bathroom. This Coelogyne cristata has spent the last four years living on this small East facing window and is clearly a very happy plant. I can now look forward to over a month of these wonderful white flowers. When out of flower the species has attractive leaves and shiny green pseudobulbs – It makes me wonder if Coelogyne cristata is the best house plant for a cool windowsill?

To grow the plant well I water well throughout the year – but I am careful not to wet the flowers – with weak feed throughout the spring and summer. I repot every two years.

We have young plants available at the shop that should flower in 12 months.



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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Your orchid is spectacular. I can see how much it has grown in comparison to the lovely water bottle. There is now only room for one orchid on that windowsill now Simon. My Coelogyne cristata is growing in my cold bathroom and it too is about to flower but sadly it is not as big as yours Simon.