Grammatophyllum scriptum – 365 days of orchids – day 1636

To follow yesterday’s Myrmecophylla tibicins we have another monster orchid today with flower spikes over 1m long with around 150 flowers each 4cm across and it makes a terrific sight.

Grammatophyllum scriptum is a large growing species with a wide natural range including Borneo, the Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas, The Philippines, Sulawesi, the Solomon Islands, the Bismark Archipelago, Papua and New Guinea, Fiji and Santa Cruz Islands. The species is restricted to areas near the coast up to 100m – a habitat we have explored in Sarawak – and so enjoys a hot climate and bright light.

We do our best to replicate the natural habitat by growing plants high in Warm Asia (Min 17C) but the species would enjoy higher temperatures and we keep plants drying in the winter to avoid damage on cooler nights. Something we enjoy showing new members of greenhouse club is the difference in temperature between floor level and high in the roof. What ever the weather try holding you hand just above floor level and then holding it as high as you can – we find at least 5 degrees difference in the greenhouse – often more.


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