Gongora unicolor – 365 days of orchids – day 1483

This is the second Gongora species we have features this week and like Gongora nigropunctata (below) – which is still in flower – has long pendulous spikes of fragrant flowers.

Gongora unicolor, like all Gongoras, uses perfume as a reward for pollinating Euglossine Bees. The male bees collect perfume off the slippery flowers and use it to attract a mate.

We find the species is one of our more vigorous Gongoras and although the flowers spikes are not that long and the flowers are less dramatic than some of its cousins (it lack of spots, eyes and bright colours of other Gongoras) it is always a welcome sight in the greenhouse and flowers on and off throughout the spring and summer.

The species is found in damp lowland forests from Mexico to Honduras and in common with other gongoras we find that it enjoys warm shaded and damp conditions in a basket.



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  1. Ric Reilly says:

    Fascinating genus. Have you any plans to stock any plants in the shop?