Diplophora truncata – 365 days of orchids – day 1761

Diplophora truncata is a little jewel of a species with pretty flowers on pendulous flower stems. The flowers are long lasting and the spikes that have opened this week will still be in flower in the new year.

This fascinating little orchid species is one of only two species of Diploprora. We came across Doploprora championii in Sikkim where it could easily be confused with a small Phalaenopsis when  not in flower. Diploprora truncata becomes pendulous as it grows and produces spikes of delightful little flowers with an unusual forked tip to the lip.

It is always interesting to research a new species and this is very much enhanced by the initiatives to digitise herbaria. The type specimen is held at Kew and dated 1911 (below)

This is one of the collections made by A.F.G Kerr, a pioneering botanist in Thailand.

Diploprora truncata is recorded from Arunachal Pradesh as well as Thailand where it is found in warm forests from 1200-1700m altitude. We have explored this habitat in Arunachel Pradesh, where summers are warm and wet ,with cooler dryer winters, although we water plants throughout the year, and we grow with a minimum temperature of 17C.


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