Dendrobium melaleucaphyllum – 365 days of orchids – day 1532

Our Australian species are the stars of the greenhouse at the moment – look for more species featured next week. And as well as giants like Dendrobium speciosum (below) we have this delightful small growing species, that flowers from old and new pseudobulbs together and gives a fantastic display of its small red, green, brown and white flowers.

Dendrobium melaleucaphyllum comes from Queensland and New South Wales where it grows as an epiphyte in humid ravines and gullies.

We grow the species mounted and in baskets as plants are very pendulous, and find that it enjoys a shaded and cool environment (Cool Asia or Cool Americas in our greenhouses) with a little less water in the winter but not a prolonged dry period.



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  1. Dean Warrington says:

    Lovely orchid Simon. I like the tillandsia stricta clump growing nicely behind it too 🙂