Dendrobium malvicolor – 365 days of orchids – day 1695

One of the great advantages of posting our flowering orchids here every day is that we get to understand the flowering habits of plants better. I have always posted this delightful small growing Dendrobium in February but this week shows again that Dendrobium malvicolor is a twice yearly flowering species and our plant has a record number of flowers.

Dendrobium malvicolor is a small growing species is endemic to Sumatra where it grows from 1550 to 3050m. Plants have small dark pseudobulbs which are thin at the base and thicker near the end where they flower.

We grow the species in our Warm Asia section but in light of the high altitude it would be happy a little cooler.

Like many of our Dendrobiums the species becomes pendulous with age making the species ideal either mounted or in a basket.


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