Dendrobium gracilicaule – 365 days of orchids – day 1557

We have two stunning Australian dendrobiums for the next two days. The first is Dendrobium gracilicaule, a species that is filling the greenhouse with its scent of coconut.

Dendrobium gracilicaule produces slender pseudobulbs up to 70cm long (in our greenhouse) and generous multiple spikes of slightly nodding flowers. The flowers are unusual for being plain yellow inside but beautifully spotted with deep red on the outside. Plants are really floriferous.

Dendrobium gracilicaule is a reported as native to Queensland and New South Wales Australia as well as New Caledonia where it grows as an epiphtye on trees or lithophyte on rocks from sea level up to 600m altitude.

Like many of the Australian dendrobiums this species flowers from new and older pseudobulbs simultaneously and so when mature produces a fantastic show of flowers.

We grow our plant in our Cool Asia section although its native range indicates it would be happier a little warmer. We grow plants in open bark and water well in the summer but keep them much dryer in the winter.


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