Dendrobium fairchildiae – 365 days of orchids – day 1664

With this weeks hot weather is really being appreciated by some of our warm growing species such as this large growing dendrobium. The new growths are growing fast and will reach well over 2m while the older leafless canes are producing lots of large pink and white flowers.

Dendrobium fairchildiae is native to the Philippines and one of the stars of the Greenhouse in Summer and Autumn. The long pseudobulbs become pendulous and deciduous before flowering over a period of several years.

The flowers are produced simultaneously on old bulbs aged from around two to five years old and form clusters near the end of the bulbs. The flowers are large (5cm across) and attractively splashed in pink. This week we have six pseudobulbs flowering together making a lovely display.

The species is reported as growing on exposed rocks above 1200m but we find it does best in a basket hung high in Warm Asia so that the long pseudobulbs can hang freely. Its basket is a mushroom tray and it enjoys lots of water throughout the year.

Some of our cooler species are less enamoured by this weeks hot weather but we find that they will not suffer with greenhouse temperature up to 36 degrees as long as they are watered well and can cool down by respiration – here Dale is doing the perfect lunch time water.



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