Dendrobium eriiflorum – 365 days of orchids – day 1480

This diminutive orchid is one we are very fond of. Dendrobium eriiflorum is another Sikkim species, and one we found growing from 1500-2000m in the reserves of Fambong Lho and Maenam. It was growing on small mossy trees in regrowth forest where it enjoys a warm wet summer and a cooler dryer winter. We find the species does best in Cool Asia amongst the Cymbidiums and Coelogynes it shares its natural habitat with. We grow the species mounted.

The species is deciduous and usually drops its leaves just before flowering, although this is not always the case – here is the same plant flowering in 2017 (below).

The small flowers are fragrant and long lasting and the species is a true minature, flowering from pseudobulbs 3cm long although they will grow to 7cm. There is another form of the species found in South East Asia (which we have seen in Laos) that is larger and warmer growing, and more similar to Dendrobium compactum but this should probably be a separate species from the Sikkim type we have here.


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