Dendrobium aliofolium – 365 days of orchids – day 1723

This is an orchid with lovely fleshy leaves and rather insignificant tiny white flowers.

We have come across a number of orchids related to this species in our visits to the Himalayas in Sikkim, Laos and Sarawak, all with intriguing interlocking fleshy leaves and terminal flowers. Dendrobium aliofolium is the one with the smallest flowers we have found but still an interesting species to grow.

Dendrobium aliofolium is found from Myanmar, across South East Asia, to the Philippines and New Guinea in hot lowland forests where it can become a large plant – although ours is still just 15cm across. Flowers are reported as coming in three colour forms and we have the creamy white flowers with the characteristic bent back sepals and petals.

we find that the species enjoys growing mounted in shade in our Warm Asia section with a spray every day.



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