Cymbidium lowianum – 365 days of orchids – day 1595

We have Cymbidium species flowering throughout the year and Cymbidium lowianum is one of our late spring/early summer species. I remember as a teenager (in the 1970s) preparing Cymbidium lowinaum plants at Keith Andrew Orchids for Chelsea (in late May). We kept them in a cool room from early April so that they would be at their best for the show.

Here we have the the concolor vairiety of the species without the usual red pigment – see our standard clone below:

Cymbidium lowianum is native to Burma, Thailand, Vietnam and China where it grows as an epiphyte in cool montane forest. Cymbidium lowianum grows into a very large plant and has lovely large pseudobulbs, long thick leaves and very long arching flower spikes that naturally grow out to the side of the plant. We are keen to show off the natural grace of these flower spikes and so do not stake them – though that does have issues for space.

Lowianum has been used extensively in Cymbidium breeding and the red V on the lip is a dominant feature that can be seen in many hybrids. The concolor clones have been used in the breeding of green cymbidiums.

We grow Cymbidium lowianum with our other Cymbidiums in our Cool Asia section (minimum 10C)



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