Coelogyne trinervis – 365 days of orchids – day 1795

For Christmas day we have an orchid species that is close to our hearts. This lovely Coelogyne is a species we have seen growing abundantly in Southern Laos in open woodland around 1000m altitude. The species is relatively common around Paksong with many plants enjoying positions on the tops of exposed branches where they receives bright light and survives a dry winter. The species copes with thick waxy leaves and large pseudobulbs which yellow over time.

This photograph shows a large clump of Coelogyne trinervis near to TaddFan waterfall near Paksong with leaves and bulbs grown yellow with the sun but flowering profusely. The photo below shows another plant flowering in Laos but in a much more shaded site and so much greener leaves.

We grow the species in baskets and high up in our Warm Asia section where it gets daily spraying but dries quickly. It responds by producing strong roots and a mass of flowers every December.


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  1. Agnes Jones says:

    Happy Christmas everyone.