Coelogyne pulverula – 365 days of orchids – day 1670

I mentioned yesterday that dendrochilums flower from the new growths and Coelogyne pulverula has the same habit. This medium sized plant has four wonderful metre long flower spikes near the door in our Warm Asia section.


The species is native to Malaysia, Thailand and Borneo where it grows on the trunks and lower branches of large trees in evergreen forest from 300 to 1800m. We find that the species enjoys growing warm but well shaded and kept moist throughout the year.  We find that leaves can become damaged by bright sun or by plants being allowed to become dry for long periods.

We have two distinct clones of the species with this longer spikes clone flowering in August and September and another that flowers in April. Individual plants only flower once a year.

We have seen a number of warm growing Coelogynes in the forests of Sarawak during our visits and most were growing in shaded spots in the lower branches or on the trunks of trees where the large leaves are protected from too much intense equatorial sunshine.



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