Coelogyne fragrans- 365 days of orchids – day 1719

Yesterday we had a special Cymbidium species and today we have a special Coelogyne. Coelogyne fragrans is this gorgeous species, native to Papua New Guinea with large flowers froduced over a long time. It is reported in montane forests from 100 to 2000m which suggests it can thrive in a wide range of temperatures but with us it definitely prefers it cool and we find that plants do best in our Cool Asia section (min 10C).

Plants flower profusely from the developing new growths in the summer and the flowers are really large at 4cm across.

We have tried growing plants warmer but plants grow smaller thinner bulbs and have less flowers per stem.

Some related species are sequential with their flowering while this species produces 2-4 of its large flowers per spike, with all the flowers opening together and giving a great display. We find that plants enjoy really heavy watering as the growths develop over the summer.





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