Coelogyne fimbriata – 365 days of orchids – day 1745

Coelogyne fimbriata is another of our accommodating little orchids that grow well in a range of conditions and flower reliably in the greenhouse or as house plants. The cheerful flowers are produced successively on short spike with two or three flowers on each spike and the specimen on my bathroom windowsill (below) that started to flower this week will still be in flower at Christmas.

We have seen this lovely species growing in Sikkim and Laos where it climbs through the lower branches in open forest at around 1200-1500m and can make massive specimens over time that fill the lower canopy of trees.

We grow plants cool and wet to replicate the natural habitat, and in my bathroom it means watering heavily once or twice a week and spraying the top of the compost in between times. I don’t let the plant sit in water. I water with rain water plus week feed. The feed is a high nitrogen feed to which we add a little calcium.


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