Cattleya dolosa – 365 days of orchids – day 1753

Rather aptly we have the snowy white flowers of Cattleya dolosa to go with our early Christmas plans in the greenhouse.

This cattleya species from Brazil was considered a natural hybrid from its discovery and first description in 1874. It was found growing with Cattleya walkeriana and was thought to be Cattleya walkeriana x Cattleya loddigessii or similar. Recent molecular studies have indicated that it is not a natural hybrid and is actually a species in its own right – hooray. Our plants are the alba form of dolosa.

It differs from Cattleya walkeriana by having flowers from the top of bulbs not from the base and is a much shorter growing plant than Cattleya loddigessii. The plant grows in dryish coastal conditions in Brazil and appreciates very good drainage in a basket (we find it hates growing in a pot) with little water during the winter but plenty in the summer.

The species enjoys life in the roof of our Warm americas section.

Cattleya waleriana and loddigessii below for reference.



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