Capanemia superflua – 365 days of orchids – day 1627

This very floriferous orchid is the larger of our Capanemia species, but still a miniature, with 4cm terete leaves and six cm spikes packed with pretty pink and yellow flowers.

Capanemia superflua is native to south east Brazil and northern Argenitina where it grows as a epiphyte amongst moss on twigs and branches, and it seems very happy with us mounted on cork bark. The species is reported from relatively low altitudes around 500m but we find the species thrives when grown cool and moist (min 12C in Cool Americas).

We love the flower of this species but it seems that slugs do too – so a good idea to move plants to a safe spot when in bud.

The smaller capanemia we grow is Capanemia micromera which is really tiny.


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