Capanemia micromera – 365 days of orchids – day 1499

This is a new species for 365 days of orchids and a true mini-miniature. As you can see a flowering plant of Capanemia micromera is about the same size as a £1 coin – and so much more attractive 🙂

This tiny member of the Oncidium family has small bulbs each with three 1cm, terete leaves. The flowers are 5mm across and reminiscent of the massive flowers of a Cattleya species, all white apart from a yellow blotch on the lip.

Capanemia micromera is found in all along the Atlantic forest coast from Argentina to Venezuela and we have seen similar species in Brazil growing as twig epiphytes on mountain ridges. The plants grows in cool forest with a dryer winter and a wetter summer but we water throughout the year reflecting the impact of dry season mists in habitat to keep plants damp in the dry season. The plant here is a first flowering seedling and, with good growing, the plant will spread to form a tiny specimen orchid over time with masses of flowers – we can’t wait.




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